FOCUS. Criteria for initial evaluation of opportunities.

Goal is to deliver an asset, ready for scaling up for pilot and GLP safety studies, with a strong pre-clinical beneficial therapeutic effect.

Initial review criteria

  • Stage of opportunity (Hit Discovery, Hit Optimization, Lead Optimization)
  • Type of technology
  • Commercial and therapeutic relevance
  • Competitive positioning
  • Availability of animal models
  • Patient stratification thesis
  • ‘Soundness’ of scientific hypothesis
  • Academic track record of founder(s)
  • Ability to reach value inflection point in 2 years
  • Realistic expectations on valuation by university

Stage of opportunity

  • Initial validation of blue sky technologies
  • First-in-class targets which require additional validation
  • Hit-stage compounds with initial, early validation in biology and chemistry
  • Optimized leads with strong validation and animal Proof of Concept