About us

$20m (pre)seed investment vehicle for early stage syndicated investments in biotech companies in Israel

M Ventures, Arkin Bio Ventures,
Pontifax & WuXi AppTech
form the cornerstone investors

  • Explore Bio is an initiative performing (pre-)seed investments and management services to allow performing of “proof of concept“ experiments in the fields of biotechnology
  • Possibility to be housed in M Ventures incubator facilities in Yavne
  • $1-1.5mio round to entrepreneur from investor consortium


  • Quick access to capital for very early stage opportunities (no additional grant application with burocray necessary)
  • Easy access to follow-on capital
  • Standard term sheet – allows for quick and fair negotiation – start-up financing in it’s original meaning
  • Top tier investors around the table to support and advice


At Explore Bio, M Ventures, Arkin Bio Ventures, Pontifax and WuXi AppTech team up to enable accelerated founding of companies at a “too early” for normal Venture Capital investment. The aim is to give entrepreneurs the benefit
of the consortiums experience in founding companies, not only providing capital, but structuring and de-risking breakthrough discoveries by accelerating their
development to reach a stage
of proof of concept.

The added benefit for the entrepreneur is the hands on support as well as automated syndication of risky opportunities which comes with access to quicker and easier follow-on capital after having reached the proof of concept stage.
The investors have worked together on different companies in the past, such as Metabomed and Artsavit and subject to availability the Explore companies will
have the opportunity to be located at the M Ventures BioIncubator facilities. Investors having worked with the Explore companies benefit from leveraging capital from the syndicate and an extended due diligence phase where the companies are funded and investors can directly support the development from the get go.

Explore Bio’s mission is to invest jointly into pre-seed opportunities at company formation stage that usually have difficulty getting access to capital and need support in getting a foothold, to accelerate the start-ups development.

The Explore Bio consortium together with the entrepreneurs bridge the gap between too early investments for classical venture type deals, with support all the way to a Seed round with access to potential follow-on capital post proof of concept.